The Kitselas, among other Native groups, were self-governing long before European contact. The Indian Act was passed in 1876 without the consultation or consent of the Native people, it was simply imposed.  The long standing political and economic systems that had sustained our people were outlawed and Native people became prisoners of the reserve system and an institution that continues to oppress them.  The Indian Act was developed to control almost every aspect of Native life and continues to dictate the way Native people are governed on-reserve.  This booklet will explain why self-government is critical to making the changes needed to build a strong Nation.

Self-government is a very real alternative to the Indian Act governance structure of the Band Council.  Obtaining self-government is dependant on the will of the people.  The Indian Act was imposed, self-government must be a CHOICE.  We can be free of the Indian Act, we only need to decide as a community to move in a new direction!