Community Engagement

Kitselas Chief and Council will be hosting a series of meetings and other events, as part of a community engagement process around major projects. Kitselas Band Council wants to hear from the community about their thoughts, wishes and concerns surrounding proposed projects. 

This engagement process will take part during the summer and fall of 2014 in two parts:

1. We inform you. You listen.
We provide you with as much information as possible about the different projects proposed in and near the Kitselas traditional territory and the various processes involved that lead to approval or rejection of the project. 

We explain how each Kitselas department fits into these processes, and how Chief and Council are working for with proponents, and what that means.

2. You inform us. We listen.
You provide input and we listen. We ask you to share your thoughts, opinions and any questions you may have about these projects, and development in our territory. We want to know how you feel about the proposed projects  - your level of support, and any concerns and/or aspirations.

We’ll also ask you how you want to be informed, what kind of information you want, and how involved you want to be. Should lots of community members express a wish to be more involved with the processes and decision-making related to these projects, we will try to make that possible.


Throughout the engagement process, Kitselas Chief and Band Council hopes to understand how the Kitselas people want to approach the development happening in the area. Your input will help guide decisions about these projects and allow the Kitselas Band Council and administration promote our interests and positions to companies.

Kitselas Band Council is committed to protecting the social, environmental, economic, and cultural values within our Traditional Territory. It is important that our voices are heard, and we promote the community’s priorities and interests. 

Your input can help us do that.

To Note:

This community engagement process is an internal process focused on the Kitselas community and will not involve participation from industry. 

This process will include all Kitselas community members – Kitselas members on reserve, Kitselas members off reserve and non-Kitselas members living on reserve. We will make all the information and invitations available to members living elsewhere so they have the opportunity to participate.

This process will take into consideration social, economic, environmental and cultural issues.

This process is sure to bring up differences of opinions in our community. We will respect and consider all opinions and ask you to do the same.