The Kitselas Lands Management Office is part of the Kitselas Department of Lands and Resources, which provides stewardship of lands and resources within Kitselas Traditional Territory. The vision for the department is to promote sustainable management of the values important to Kitselas people to maintain the lands and resources for now and in the future. 

Check out the Kitselas Lands Programs & Services Guide for an overview of the Land Management Office's services.

Land Management Act
The Kitselas First Nation (KFN) is a signatory to the Framework Agreement on Land Management (FWA). KFN, one of 36 Bands across Canada, is actively involved with the FWA. The FWA allows these First Nations to manage their own Reserve Lands and Resources instead of having their lands administered by the Department of Indian Affairs (INAC). The Land Management Act only involves those sections of the Indian Act that pertain to the administration of lands and resources and only pertains to Reserve boundaries. For more info:

  • Federal Legislation Allowing the Devolution of Legal Authority for Reserve Land Management: FN Land Management Act
  • Original Framework Agreement Between Land Code First Nations and Canada: Framework Agreement

Kitselas Legislation Applicable on Kitselas Reserve Lands
Below are the laws used by the Kitselas Lands Management Office to administer programs and services relating to Kitselas Lands.

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Kitselas Land Use Plan
Kitselas Chief and Council formally approved the Kitselas Land Use Plan in April 2012. 

The Kitselas Land Use Plan is a policy document that provides the Kitselas Chief and Council with decision making tools for how Kitselas Reserve Lands are to be used. Between August 2011 and March 2012, over one-third of the Kitselas membership provided input to the land use plan. The reserves are now designated for uses identified by the community. Completing the Kitselas Land Use Plan was Step 1 in establishing a land management regime for Kitselas under the Kitselas Reserve Land Management Act enacted in 2005.

Past Events

First Nations Land Reclamation Workshop
Oct 29-30, 2014
In Terrace, at Kitselas Community Hall
Hosted by Kitselas and Haisla in a nation-to-nation partnership

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