Social Development

The Kitselas social worker networks with other First Nation's social workers, many resource people and agencies such as the Ministry of Child and Family Services, the Northwest Child and Family Services, and arranges various workshops within the Kitselas community.

  • Provides social assistance and information with regard to on-reserve financial assistance, as well as administering on-reserve programs such as Adult-in-Home Care and Training Employment Skills Initiative.
  • Provides information and advocates for both On- and Off- reserve Kitselas members, in matters such as Health Benefits, Social Assistance, and families with children-in-care of the Ministry of Children and Families.
  • Supervises the on-reserve Adult In-Home Care Program, a program that provides in home care such as light housekeeping, shopping, and support for elders, and sick or disabled persons.
  • Supervises the on-reserve National Child Restoration Program which provides support in meeting children’s needs, and contributing to programs such as “Aboriginal Head Start”.
  • Supervises the on-reserve Training Employment Skills Initiative program that seeks to provide opportunities and skills for the future employment of social assistance recipients.

For more information on the services offered by the Social Development Department contact: (250) 635-5084 Ext. 4091


Northwest Inter-Nation Family and Community Services Society

Northwest Intern-Nation Family and Community Services Society (NIFCS) manages custody and guardianship for children who have been permanently removed from their homes.  They deliver this service to 9 First Nation communities including Kitselas.

The information sheets below provide information on the various programs available to families and others who are trying to help children who have been apprehended by the Ministry and are in permanent care.  

Questions regarding these programs or other items related to their services can be directed to the NIFCS office in Terrace at 250-638-0451 or Toll Free 1-888-310-3311.  More information regarding this organization can also be found on their website: .


Extended Family Program (EFP)

54.1 Custody

Child Out of Parental Home (COPH)