The Education Department is responsible for the administration of funds for Kindergarten to Grade 12 (for both private and public schools),  Wabuwilaks'm Gitselasu Adult School, and Post-secondary Education Programs.

Contact Information:

Jericho Bevan
Wabsuwilaks'm Gitselasu Adult School Teacher
Phone: (250) 635-3301


Kindergarten to Grade 12 Programs

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Funding for this program is generated via Nominal Role (NR). NR applied to K-12 on-Reserve students only attending public or private schools in Terrace. NR registry generates tuition, school supplies and incentive programs. The Band does not receive tuition for non-status or non-registered students living on-Reserve or bus services for Private schooling. AANDC tuition applies to students only. Non-status student tuition is paid by Provincial Ministry of Education. NR deadline: September 30th.

Wabsuwilaks'm Gitselasu Adult School

This school was created for the People of Kitselas who stressed the need for an Adult school in Gitaus. Wabuwilaks'm Gitselasu employs a teacher to deliver North Coast Distance Education courses, provide support and tutor/teaching services to students. The goal is for adult learners to attain their Adult Dogwood. Funding for this program is generated via Nominal Roll and targeted programs offered by First Nations Education Steering Committee. Student enrolment and attendance are essential for this program to continue.


This program provides funds to support Kitselas registered academic-stream College and University students.  Applications are available from Kitselas Education Department or Receptionist.

Student Eligibility:

  • Must be a REGISTERED Kitselas Member
  • Must have lived in Canada at least 12 months prior to application
  • Be accepted into an eligible program at an eligible institution
  • Maintain satisfactory academic standing (generally means attending and passing all classes)

Eligible Program & Institutes - In BC all eligible programs must meet the following criteria:

  • Be offered at an eligible post-secondary institution. BC Ministry of Education link for eligible schools.
  • Be at least one academic year in length (as per institute standards) and lead to a degree, certificate or University College Entrance Preparatory (UCEP) program
  • Require grade 12 dogwood or equivalent for admission
  • Only applications complete with required documentation will be reviewed for consideration.