Kitselas Administration

Kitselas Administration is a diverse organization that meets all of the public service needs for the communities of Gitaus and Kulspai. There are eight main departments:


Community Services, Education & Social Development


Lands & Resources

Housing & Infrastructure

Employment & Training


Economic Development




CAO, Greg Grayson

Executive Assistant, Cheryl Campbell

Communications Officer, Vacant

Economic Development Officer, Vacant


Director of Finance and Human Resources, Teri Muldon

Finance Officer, Vacant

Payroll Clerk, Carlene Casey

Finance Clerk, Vacant

Accounts Payable Clerk, Isabel Majore

Receptionist & Membership Clerk, Sharon Nabess-Bennett


Director of Health, Vacant

Health Clerk, Amanda Low

Community Health Representative, Jada Seymour

Nurse, Jennifer Brady-Giles

Early Childhood Educator, Rhonda Morgan

Bus Driver, Vern Dudaward

Youth & Wellness Worker, Gerald Nyce

Youth Worker, Cheyenne Bevan

Family Support Worker, Brittany Seymour

Cultural Coordinator, Web Bennett


Director of Community Services, Debbie Moore

Social Development Coordinator, Marcia Spencer

Adult School Teacher, Jericho Bevan

Education Coordinator, Laura Blumhagen

Manager of Employment and Training, James Seymour-Acting

Workforce Readiness Coordinator, Vacant

Employment & Training Coordinator, Alfred McDames Sr.


Acting Director of Housing & Infrastructure, Ulyses Venegas

Housing Assistant, Charlene Moore

Public Works, Rick Moore

Gitaus Janitor, Chelsea Costello


Director of Lands and Resources, Chris Apps 

Manager of Lands and Resources, Ken McDames Jr.-Interim

Receptionist, Chrystal Seymour

Lands Officer, Erica Austin

Lands Clerk, Geneva Erickson

GIS Technician, Wayne Wright Jr.

Referrals Coordinator, Aaron McMillan

Resource Management Officer, Ken McDames Jr.

Resource Officer, David Taft

Resource Officer, Cynthia Hansen

Field Technician, Vacant

Contracts Manager, Karla Frank

Contracts Clerk, Matilda Henry

Community Liaison Officer, Patricia Squires

Community Liaison Officer, Noel Argueta


Gitaus Health and Main Administration Office:

2225 Gitaus Rd. Terrace BC V8G 0A9 – Ph: 250-635-5084 Fax: 250-635-5335


Lands and Resources Office:

206-4716 Lazelle Avenue Terrace BC V8G 1T2 – Ph: 778-634-3517 Fax: 778-634-3796