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Kitselas Administration Office
2225 Gitaus Road, Terrace, BC  V8G 0A9
Reception: Sharon Nabess - Bennett (

Kitselas Treaty Office
4562 Queensway Drive, Terrace, BC  V8G 3X6
Phone: 250.635.8882
Toll Free: 1.855.635.8882
Fax: 250.635.8793

Kitselas Department of Lands and Resources
Gitaus, BC
Phone: 778.634.3517
Fax: 778.634.3796
Reception: Matilda Henry

Kitselas Development Corporation
4562 Queensway Unit: K, Terrace, BC V8G 3X6
Phone: 250.638.8881
Fax: 250.635.8793

Kitselas Forest Products Limited Partners
1581 Kulspai Crescent, Terrace, BC V8G 4P5
Phone: 250.638.1364  
Fax: 250.638.1864

Kitselas Community Hall (Kulspai)  
Phone: 250.635.6946

Public Works
Phone: 250.635.4780
Cell: 250.922.5067

Satellite Health Station (Kulspai)
Phone: 250.638.1003

Wabsuwilaksm Gitselasu (Adult Education)
Phone: 250.635.3301

Youth Centre
Phone: 250.635.3317                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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